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Oh, hello

I’m a mother of 2 adorable girls. The oldest being a gamer herself. I’ve been gaming since 1990 when my dad bought a regular Nintendo and instantly got hooked on Mario Bros. I didn’t care too much for Duck Hunt. I still don’t. From there my dad taught me how to play Tetris then FreeCell on the display laptops at Costco. Now as an adult Tetris and FreeCell are my idle minded games. My dad passed away 5 months after my oldest daughter was born, 4 years ago. And I miss him every day. Gaming makes me feel like he’s still with me, watching me, asking a million questions.

In 2004 the boy I was dating introduced me to StarCraft, Kingdom Hearts and FFXI. My love for Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy MMORPG’s are endless. I’m a huge fan of Roxas and Axel, so much in fact that my in game name is usually Axelyn.

Hi, nice to meet you; I go by Zellie or Axelyn, your choice.

In 2016 I met my husband on FFXIV through a mutual friend after a very deep dark episode I was having. We will be celebrating our 7 year in game wedding in July and are raising 2 girls together. What are the freakin odds, amirite?

I currently game on PC, PS5 and Nintendo Switch. I also mobile game on my iPad if my kiddo isn’t hogging it and my Steam Deck. I’m a bit of a console snob, and I also have a huge backlog of games I’m hoping to get to by the end of the summer.

Beyond that I’m a blogger, a foodie, a bookworm, a travel bug and I suffer from a number of different types of anxiety. I’m a former Disney World Cast Member and I’m a total fandom nerd.

I hope you find something useful here or company if that’s what you’re looking for.